Is America Super Power


Today we are going to discuss that, is America still a superpower? After they left Afghanistan, is the atmosphere still the same or something changed?
America has not thought that Talban can overtake Afghanistan. Not even in their dreams. The Taliban of 2000 and Talban of 2021 are not the same. They have learnt a lot from their mistakes. Before leaving Afghanistan, America thought that the Taliban is no more powerful in Afghanistan as they were. Taliban are divided.

So America has not made any precautions to handle any emergency conditions. As they left America, Taliban occurred and started to march towards Kabul. They were handling every situation with a cool mind and left the war aside. While all this happened, people of Afghanistan thought that their future is now secure with their own people (Taliban). So many of the Afghan soldiers and people surrender themselves in front of Talban.

So America has an impact that he is still a superpower on all other countries before leaving Afghanistan. But after Joe Biden, president of America, made a decision to leave Afghanistan. Every country and even a common man was thinking that America has full control on Afghanistan. But as he left, all impressions were wrong. Come to India, who had spent a lot of money, for their own goal, gone. India made dams and gave many kind of weapons to the Afghan government to made disturbance at sea pack in Pak. All their goals went astray after Afghanistan was overtaken by the Taliban.

But Talban appeared on social media. They are totally different from the older ones. They are organized, well educated, have totally new weapons, and most of the Afghan people support them. Their saying makes a statement that “we will not interfere in any other country and they are advised not to interfere in Afghanistan. But the Indian government still thinks that they can have some Afghan to make a new war situation between America and Pak. Many of their news channels and social media account control by Indian agency.

Now as we think and the political environment shows us that America is not a superpower anymore. Now there is a cold war starting between many countries to be the partner of Taliban. Because whoever becomes a partner of Afghanistan, meaning Talban, can become a superpower. Because Talban will support their partners who will give them funds to raise Afghanistan again and who will accept their new government. As Prime Minister Imran Khan said, about giving their airports, “absolutely not”. So Pak has decided that they will not become a part of America’s war again. So now Russia, china and other Muslim countries are getting in touch with Talban. So far they have decided to help the Afghan people, and their new government.

Who is the next superpower?

As we have watched and listened to the experts, a single country cannot claim to be the superpower. Whoever gets more connections with the countries, who have atomic power or politically strong relationships, can help China or Russia to become a superpower. Every super power claimer is now trying to get in touch with the countries who have well biologically and have good armed forces. Whoever has more connections will be the superpower.One nation alone is not going to be a superpower.


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